Professional Learning Through the Plan, Observe, Debrief (POD) Model

The vast majority of teachers (90% in one study) indicate that collaboration is beneficial to improving their practice. However, many yearn for structures and systems to make that process more focused and effective without being cumbersome. Teachers in Tulsa Public Schools have found a process that helps to do just that by participating in the Plan, Observe, Debrief (POD) model of professional learning … Continued

JumpStart: Improving learning for children in South Africa

“It is so stressful, even at home I don’t get time to rest because I’m thinking about these learners that I’m leaving behind when I’m in my class because of lack of resources,” said Funeka Phakade, a teacher at Ukhanyiso Primary School in the Gauteng province in South Africa. Funeka is one of many teachers … Continued

“Data Interoperability”: The How and Why

Am I the only one who loves when a 60-second “explainer” video is created to help explain a complex business model, technical architecture, or even just help a father understand how to safely drop-off his daughters at school on the battlefield of the dreaded carpool line? One of the problems that the Michael & Susan … Continued

Michael and Susan Dell: A conversation with students

At the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, we spend a lot of time thinking about the future: how we can make it better, how we can help transform lives, and how we can unlock the right opportunities to create sustainable change. One way we know for sure to achieve our goals is to work with … Continued

Data Drives Innovation in South Africa’s Classrooms

In this blog series, we will discuss the importance of the use of data in South Africa’s education system – why it matters to parents, learners, and educators, and how providing educators with the information they need can help learners excel. In this post, we explore some of the innovative ways education officials are using this … Continued

Accelerating Systemic Change in India’s School System

India’s education system is a vast network, with large-scale improvements needed across the country. Our work to transform education outcomes for children in India is part of our foundation’s larger goal: each year, we will create opportunities for over three million low-income students globally to attend high-quality schools. That’s a big goal – and we’re … Continued

How I Know: Austin ISD Focuses on Social Emotional Learning

“Wise feedback is delivered with love, clarity and a belief that the student’s performance will improve.” –  Dr. Lisa Goodnow, Associate Superintendent of Academics and SEL in Austin ISD Learning science research, such as that articulated in Turnaround for Children’s recently released a report, Key Findings and Implications of the Science of Learning and Development, underscores that most … Continued

Coaching yields better formative assessment in Tulsa

“I’ll take as many strategies as you can give me,” Alison Keeter told her coach. As one of 20 Tulsa Public School teachers to volunteer for the formative assessment project, Keeter receives coaching from Tamara Hall.   In Keeter’s third grade classroom at Mitchell Elementary Dr. Hall is scouting for overt evidence of student thinking: what … Continued

Reflections on #HowIKnow: A formative assessment project

Since the kickoff of the #HOWIKNOW project last fall, we have been working with each district team in Austin, Dallas, and Tulsa to design and implement professional learning plans with 60 pilot teachers.  Even before we learn from these teachers what works best in the classroom, we’ve already identified two key lessons to share about … Continued