How a culture of formative assessment impacts mindsets

It is without a doubt crucially important that we continue to teach students content knowledge, but today’s students will, as the world continues to move faster and faster in the coming decades, increasingly be required to also be able to self-identify and resolve shortcomings in their skills and foundational knowledge. These metacognitive skills are unlikely … Continued

What if teachers had real-time access to assessment data?

The new school year is in full swing. As students settle into their new routines, teachers begin to learn more about the students in their classrooms. Teachers and students work together to define learning goals and determine the specific support each student might need to reach those goals. To understand how to best support each … Continued

Delivering quality primary education in India: What works?

With primary education enrollment having surpassed 90 percent for more than a decade now, India is urgently looking towards its next frontier: ensuring high-quality of primary education throughout the country. It is widely known that the lack of a solid foundation at primary levels has a domino effect on an individual’s life. The foundation for … Continued

Inside Miss Bickel’s Class: Using data for reading instruction

 Data helps teachers and students understand the *what* and the *when* in a daily feedback loop: what each student has mastered, what each student needs help with, when a student may be ready to accelerate, and when a student may need extra support in addition to classroom instruction.   It is crucial that teachers have access … Continued

Staying the course in impact investing

“Behaviours change slowly. Time is often the most important investment you can make. It’s going to take more than one try to make an impact and it will take more than one success to make a difference.” This is one of the social impact principles that we, at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, use … Continued

Beyond the Numbers: Seven Years, Seven Recommendations

It’s been seven years since the Department of Basic Education, in partnership with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, released a report titled Success by Numbers. The report was developed to assist South Africa’s R-12 education leaders in their desires to improve public schooling, and it resulted in seven practical steps for school leaders to … Continued

Beyond the Numbers

In 2012, the Department of Basic Education – in partnership with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation – released a report titled Success by Numbers. The report resulted in seven practical steps for South Africa’s school leaders to become effective drivers of data, and was the catalyst for the Data Driven Districts (DDD) programme. Six … Continued

Data interoperability: How Boston Public Schools is breaking down barriers

We’ve recently partnered with 12 pioneering districts, Charter Management Organizations (CMO), and education collaboratives to address their data interoperability barriers. In this blog series, you’ll hear from those pioneers: the brave folks tackling difficult challenges and paving the way for others to take a big step forward in using data to support teachers and to … Continued