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INDIA SCHOOLS – Seeking to Transform the Quality of Indian Education

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation: Supporting Education Improvements on Multiple Fronts

Working with NGOs, the government, and social entrepreneurs and businesses, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation seeks to catalyze system-level changes in the quality of education available to impoverished urban children. Our goal is to ensure that 80 percent of students involved with the programs we support, achieve grade-specific competency by 2018 (up from as little as 20 percent today). To reach this goal, we partner with a range of organizations that provide:

  • Support for better teaching processes, improved leadership and teacher capabilities, and for more sustainable school operations
  • The development and use of high-quality standardized learning assessments that enable data-driven insights into—and improvement of—student outcomes, instructional quality, and school performance
  • In-school and after-school academic support that measurably increase student learning levels