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4 Steps Every Nonprofit Should Take Before Creating Its Strategic Communications Plan

FREE guide to laying the foundation for effective nonprofit communications

We all know you should look before you leap. But we don’t always do it. And when it comes to nonprofit communications, a lack of proper preparation means a lack of significant impact.

With this eBook, author Megan Matthews Carnahan, chief communications officer at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, makes it clear that strong communications are a key part of following through on your nonprofit’s mission — and that achieving strong communications begins with a thorough planning process. She breaks that process into four steps, each of which has multiple lessons for nonprofits hoping to increase their reach and impact, including:

  • The importance of asking WHY before you jump to HOW
  • Cultivating brand ambassadors and neutralizing brand assassins
  • How to map and prioritize your different stakeholder groups
  • How to organize and execute a proper SWOT analysis
  • Breaking down your organization’s plan according to mission, goals, objectives, strategies and tactics

Powerful messages begin with careful planning and deep understanding, and this guide outlines the steps you need to take to build that foundation. Download it here for free, and start making your mesIndiasages and mission as effective as they deserve to be.