Quality School Options

Access to a high-quality public school can be a transformative experience for low-income students.  Yet despite tremendous efforts, there remain too many low-income students in schools that don’t serve them well.

The Quality School Options initiative supports cities that seek to increase the number and percentage of students attending high-performing or high-potential schools and that try to give families an opportunity to find a best fit school for their children.  Places that focus on growing great schools and implementing systemic reform, such as Indianapolis, New Orleans and Denver, demonstrate that cities can methodically increase the number of kids getting a great education.




We strive to increase the number of low-income students who have access to great schools by growing the footprint of great schools and creating the conditions necessary for the growth of great schools.
  • Unified accountability systems, which rate all public schools in a fair, transparent, and comparable manner.
  • Unified enrollment systems, which ensure that all families have equitable access to schools.
  • Equitable student-based funding systems, which ensure that schools are funded based upon the number and needs of the kids they serve.
  • Application of school portfolio management and authorizing processes, which help city leaders understand the performance of their schools, the types of schools families demand, and then to provide families with the schools they want and deserve.

We also support organizations that provide philanthropic growth capital to high-performing or high-potential school operators so they can create more schools.

We hope that more cities will build on these strategies so that all students have access to the great schools they deserve.