Primary Care and Prevention

In our Central Texas home, many factors strain our health care system – the booming population, poverty, high rates of uninsured children, and poor reimbursement rates for federally funded programs. These challenges make it more difficult to make sure children receive preventive services that keep them from getting sick, and for treatment of chronic diseases. When one out of four school-age children lives in poverty, their environment can be an important contributor to risks for chronic problems like obesity, asthma, and diabetes. Many times the environments underserved children and their families live in don’t make being healthy easy.

We know that healthy habits and healthy communities can increase our quality of life. Good health helps us improve our mood, helps us fight disease, boosts our energy, and increases academic achievement in the classroom.


Our goal is to ensure access to a medical home providing a continuity of care focused on wellness and prevention for uninsured and underinsured children in Central Texas.

Our work in primary health care access and prevention is aimed at improving the quality and delivery of health care for children in Austin and the surrounding areas. We achieve that goal through support for nonprofit health clinics’ programming and infrastructure. As a result of the efforts of many nonprofits in Central Texas, children and families gain:

  • Better access to quality health care services.
  • Consistent, high-quality care that promotes health and keeps chronic conditions in check.
  • Innovative services like group prenatal classes, behavioral health counseling, and cooking classes.
  • Access to extended evening and weekend hours, bilingual services, insurance enrollment services, and referrals to other community resources help busy families.