Dell Young Leaders Program

In South Africa, barely one in 10 children get an education that qualifies them for university. Of those who do qualify, less than half will graduate. And even those fortunate few are rarely prepared to enter the workforce and meet employer expectations.

We want to make sure young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are not only admitted to university, but that they graduate and launch successful careers. And so, we created Dell Young Leaders. The program accepts up to 100 South African university students from poor communities pursuing a professional degree per year. Our program goals are as ambitious as the students we support: we want to make sure at least 80 percent of students in the program graduate, and that 100 percent of our graduates secure jobs in their field of study.

We provide a bursary of R 150,000, available over the course of the degree as well as a laptop, printing credits and financial support for textbooks and basic necessities. We also have an on-campus liaison that provides ongoing support to Dell Young Leaders dealing with psycho-social, academic, housing or financial challenges that may prevent our students from successfully completing university. The Dell Young Leaders program team also makes use of a “Scholar Risk Indicator” which sends an alert when students require help so the team can act quickly to deliver the right solution at the right time. In addition, we host seminars and workshops on important topics that students need to know, tied to where they are in their university journey.


The Dell Young Leaders program helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds graduate from university and find jobs. We empower university students with the training and tools they’ll need for successful careers and brighter futures.

We have also invested in developing deep partnerships with top-tier corporates, government organizations and nonprofits to ensure that students in the program get access to work opportunities while still at university, and that graduates successfully enter into careers that are aligned to their own personal goals.

Graduates of the Dell Young Leaders Program are the next generation of skilled professionals; eager to exceed employers’ expectations and to help build a better future for all South Africans. For more information about the Dell Young Leaders Program, please visit