Dell Scholars

It’s tough to succeed in college. And low-income, first-generation college students face additional challenges that range from effectively navigating the academic environment to managing problems across their school and home lives.

Nationally, only 20 percent of students like our Dell Scholars graduate from college within six years. Our scholars are changing that reality by graduating with a bachelor’s degree at over 80 percent in six years.

Our GPA requirement for the Dell Scholars Program is Grit, Potential, and Ambition. Most Dell Scholars are first generation college students who have demonstrated grit by overcoming personal challenges in their lives related to their families, schools or communities. They demonstrate great potential by participating in college readiness programs and seeking out advanced coursework. They demonstrate ambition by preparing themselves and planning for their dream of graduating with a college degree.

Our program is designed to meet a multitude of our student’s needs. It includes:

  • A $20,000 scholarship available for at least six years to lessen loans and debt.
  • Ongoing support for the emotional, financial, and life challenges that may prevent them from completing college.
  • A Scholars Resource Network that connects students with resources to deal with stress, debt, managing child care, and life circumstances.
  • A laptop, textbook credits, tutoring, and other supports.
  • Webcasts and communication on timely topics that students need to know about during their college journey.


Our goal is to empower more low-income students to attend and graduate from college by working with each scholar individually. Well beyond the financial assistance, we provide ongoing support to address the emotional, lifestyle, and financial challenges that may prevent our scholars from completing college - from dealing with stress, to getting out of debt, to managing child care, and dealing with circumstances of life.

Since 2004, the Dell Scholars Program has supported up to 500 new students per year and over 4,800 students in total. We have also supported more than 2,000 Dell Scholars to college graduation, graduate school, and onto promising career paths. We know this is only the beginning. For more information about Dell Scholars, please visit