Family Stability

Today more than 1.7 million children in Texas live in poverty, or 25 percent of all Texas children. Poverty affects children in many ways. Unfortunately, many low-income children are at higher risk for abuse and neglect.

We’ve always placed a special emphasis on helping vulnerable children in our community. Those who need care and healing. Those who yearn for a family to love them, attending the same school each year, and staying in one place long enough to make friends. Those who arrive at shelters, treatment centers, and foster homes traumatized, resentful, injured, or ill, and many have fear, anxiety, depression, aggression, and self-harming behaviors. Instead, imagine a world where children who have endured these difficult environments learn to build trusting relationships with caring adults.

Our partners are making a difference for abused and neglected children. They provide prevention and early intervention services, court case advocacy, quality foster homes, shelters, therapeutic residential treatment centers, counseling, therapy, adoption services, and aging out support.

our approach

We partner with organizations that are problem-solvers developing innovative solutions for our most vulnerable children in the foster care system. We build our grantee’s capacity to achieve outsized impact for these children and families.

Our individual partners are trauma-informed and skilled at meeting the needs of children who’ve entered “the system”. The foundation’s investments have fostered collaboration, made our partners more effective, and helped them accomplish even more as a group.

Children in our community who deserve better lives benefit from our deep relationships with partners. What’s more, the collective efforts of organizations in Central Texas are uncovering best practices that will keep children anywhere safer, too. We’ll continue working with grantees—as trusted advisors, connectors, and advocates—to learn and grow and transform lives.