In Central Texas, many students are already behind in their plans to complete a degree in higher education. Nearly 40 percent of Central Texas low-income students enroll in college, and only 68 percent persist beyond their first year.

We know that a better education means a better life for students and their families, unlocking a path for them to realize their hopes and dreams. Success for one student can have a long-lasting ripple effect on family members and friends, exponentially changing the landscape for years to come.  To realize that success, students need a level playing field.

A personalized approach to knocking down academic barriers as well as social-emotional challenges, helps students achieve their goals. To drive that achievement in Central Texas, we support strong community-based programs that guide students through tough transitions, arm them with the tools to make the right choices, and offer them personalized strategies to be successful in academics and life.


We partner with problem-solvers who share our commitment to providing a better education and better lives for the students in Central Texas. We believe in helping our partners grow and scale so they can tackle complex issues facing the fast-growing, Austin area.

We’ll always be focused on unlocking opportunities for underserved students to gain a better education and better lives. On the ground, the programs we fund:

  • Connect students to opportunities in and out of school in order to enable them to thrive in academic settings.
  • Equip students with quality academic support services to enhance academic performance.
  • Craft unique opportunities for students to access services that prepare them for post-secondary success.
  • Highlight evidence of best practices and opportunities for improvement in the region.