Community Programs

Austin. It’s home. Our city consistently tops a best-cities list, ranging from Forbes’ best big city for jobs to the second best investment market in the United States. When our city can be named a best place for barbeque and burgers one week and then be deemed an oasis for vegetarians the next, we must be doing something right.

Our community is big and unique and complex. While it has indicators of progress, the consequences of children living in poverty are all around us.

Among our Central Texas partners, we assume unique roles to shape and change the community. We can be connectors, funders, innovators, implementers. The market decides what it really needs and, ultimately, what part we’ll play. We believe that there is no other way our community will achieve large-scale progress against urgent and complex problems, unless a collaborative approach with partners becomes an accepted way of doing business.


Our community is big and unique and complex. So are the issues we face. It’s fitting that we occasionally invest in unique projects aligned with our mission.

Some infrastructure opportunities can change systemic problems into practical solutions. Some community investments reflect the innovative spirit of our community. Other grants are meant to take advantage of the resources only available close to home. From housing programs with services to help lift children and their families out of poverty to funding better access to quality medical care, all of our investments are opportunities driven by our community.

Taking the lead from the community helps us understand what works and avoid what doesn’t. We know that lasting change in the community comes from better cross-sector coordination rather than from the isolated interventions of individual organizations.