Capacity Building

With more than 6,000 nonprofits in our region, Central Texas has more organizations per capita than any other city in the Southwest. Research shows that among Austin’s many well-intentioned nonprofits, there are few high-impact organizations that are able to address large community problems.

Building capacity in the nonprofit sector is tricky. Innovating and evolving to meet market needs—while staying financially afloat—requires a breadth of talents, perseverance and open minds. While this is a complex issue, we want to help already high-impact nonprofits be even better.

We don’t believe in admiring an issue. We partner with organizations that will grow and evolve based on community needs to strengthen nonprofit service providers and school districts.


We partner with organizations that are problem-solvers and are never satisfied with the status quo. We believe in building our grantee partners' capacity to position them to best address the types of complex issues that exist in the fast-growing, greater Austin area.

Within capacity building, we currently fund four areas of work:

  • Targeted, in-depth consulting, training, and information sharing to meet high-need areas for select Central Texas nonprofits, as well as school districts.
  • New ways for nonprofits to significantly grow their impact.
  • Support for performance management practices aimed at improving nonprofit data practices.
  • Management methods and principles to help nonprofits build high-performing organizations, rather than just strong programs
  • Cultivating data champions in the community.

We encourage partners to share their experiences so, together, we can uncover innovative solutions, offer new perspectives and assist with new opportunities. The result: Central Texas nonprofits that work smarter and solve big problems.