College Preparation & Completion

The persistent educational gap affecting underserved students in the U.S. means that many students never get a chance to earn a college degree. A college degree can be a springboard in life. It can lift people out of poverty, increase the odds of landing better jobs, increase lifetime earnings, and lead to better health over the course of one’s life.

The right assistance at the right time can help students get into college and graduate. Our goal is to outperform the national averages for college enrollment and graduation for low-income students in the programs we fund by 50 percent.  To that end, we fund college preparation and completion programs that support disadvantaged but determined high school students as they work toward their ultimate goal of completing college.

Our approach is to provide support for programs that increase the number of low-income students who are ready for, enrolled in, and/or graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree.


Our goal is to empower more low-income students to succeed in higher education by supporting effective providers that help them prepare for and complete college at rates far beyond national averages.
  • Rigorous Academic Curriculum: Preparing students to successfully complete college-level course work, while also taking and passing college-level exams.
  • Non-Cognitive Skills and Character Education: Providing students with the support and social and emotional skills needed to complete rigorous academic curricula and manage challenges in college.
  • Financial Aid Access and College Affordability: Reducing financial barriers to college entry and completion while also increasing financial literacy and college affordability knowledge.
  • Social Supports: Providing the supports that enable students to enter and graduate from a four-year college (e.g. coaching and advising on the application/selection/enrollment processes, dealing with situational adversity, etc.)

Ultimately, we are interested in more low-income students enrolling and graduating from college.