Childhood Health and Wellness

Every child deserves the opportunity to grow up healthy. This vision depends on creating the broader conditions that foster healthy behaviors as the natural choice for children and their families.

Nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and mental health are all vitally important to a child’s overall well-being. We are especially focused on the role of food given the evidence pointing to diet quality as the largest contributor to poor health and the potential for many food systems solutions to efficiently reach a large population.

While the challenge of healthy eating is felt at an individual level – for the parents who must travel by public transportation 30 minutes to the nearest grocery store, or the student who is served sugary foods at school for breakfast, or the low-wage employee for whom inexpensive, energy-dense foods are the easiest way to balance the budget – we seek to support systems-based solutions that address these barriers at a population level.

We’re tackling this enormous task from a few angles. Our partners in the food system are working to harness the tremendous buying power of institutions to build demand for healthier options in schools and institutions; build capacity among a new generation of leaders poised to be tomorrow’s food system change agents; fill infrastructural gaps along the pathway from farmer to consumer; and, make it easier for families to fill a healthy shopping basket in grocery stores.

Child wellness is the result of a complex interplay of individual and environment.  We seek solutions that resonate with families, demonstrate impact, integrate with and address broader systems of health, and sustain over time.