In working to create lasting social change our philanthropic approach is simple: identify the best individuals and organizations working on an issue, and then help ensure they grow and scale effectively.

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation has always recognized the power of providing grants to partner organizations that we knew were already working hard to improve the lives of urban children living in poverty. By aligning with organizations that are already making a difference, we continue to make an immediate impact on the lives of thousands of children.

There’s no shortage of challenges in education, family economic stability and childhood health. To meet these challenges head on, it’s essential that we’re nimble in our approach. That’s why we use a range of financial tools and structures to support our work. In addition to our core grant making, we also use a selective, mission-driven impact investment strategy to help develop specific products and tools, as well as spur new markets that serve the poor, and we employ direct service agreements when an opportunity calls for specialized expertise.

We seek to fund projects that directly serve or impact children living in urban poverty, particularly in the areas of education, childhood health and family economic stability (including microfinance). The grants listed below represent grants that were active during the last 12 months. If you are looking to apply for a grant, please visit the apply page.


Investing in companies that have the capacity to radically move the needle on social progress is at the core of our approach to mission-related impact investing. We seek to create lasting social change that drives progress not just for individuals, but across society. Our efforts are focused in education, family economic stability and health.


Direct service contracts provide us with the flexibility to help our grantee partners where and when they need it most. Service providers can provide capacity for business planning, change management and leadership development or specialized services like technology development or data assessments.  Here are a few of the organizations that work with our partners from around the world:

BBD South Africa
Boston Consulting Group India
Bytes Technology Group South Africa (Pty) Ltd. South Africa
Double Line Partners United States
Educuity United States
Headspring United States
Inqubex Consulting India
McKinsey & Co. India
Mission Capital United States
PSP Icon South Africa
Public Impact United States
UPD Consulting United States