Jarred Myers

Program Manager, South Africa

Jarred manages a portfolio of investments in the South African education and youth employment practices. In education, Jarred focuses on innovative practices which definitively improve student performance. In youth employment, Jarred focuses on job retention for at risk youth by optimizing the postsecondary to work continuum. His grantees include both ed tech and job tech companies, as well as youth employment accelerators which execute projects positioned to efficiently, effectively and sustainably improve educational outcomes.

Prior to joining the foundation, Jarred worked as a consultant and project manager for more than 10 years at various organizations in South Africa, both in the non-profit sector at Afrika Tikkun and the corporate sector in various capacities including private equity, software development, logistics, energy and mining. Jarred holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University in North Carolina.