We spent last year talking to scholarship providers - your customers - about what they need from vendors like you. 

What we heard? They want to work with qualified vendors who can make applying for scholarships a 21st- century experience.

Don't Get Left Behind

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Scholar Snapp is the technology solution that can help you get there. And the implementation is on us.

We're offering the first 6 qualified vendors the opportunity to become Scholar Snapp compliant. 

We will cover the cost of:

  • Your staff’s time to integrate with Scholar Snapp
  • Mapping your database structure to Scholar Snapp
  • Messaging to your customers about this new feature

Here's What Your Customers Are Saying

"It's unbelievable that in 2018 we are still talking about pen and paper scholarship applications, or that students have to re-enter the same information over and over again on different applications. It should be easier for them AND for us." 

-Larry Sparkman, National Scholarship Providers Association

"Because students have to spend so much time on filling out personal information, they don't have as much time to spend on the parts of the application that really tell us who they are. We want to get the best out of the students applying to our scholarships to help us choose the most qualified students."

-Mark Davis, Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

“Scholar Snapp has become something our students expect as a feature of our application. Because of that, we added ‘Scholar Snapp capability’ to our Request for Proposal process when identifying a new application vendor."

-Jeanna Adams, Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

Focus on Quality

Ready to apply? 

The technical solution your customers want already exists. 

We can help you give them what they want.

Digital Leap

Simplify the

Get Qualified

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