Central Texas

With over 100 people moving here a day, Austin, our home, ranks as the third fastest growing city in the nation. We attract large numbers of college graduates and rank as the 10th fittest city in the nation, but we aren’t without challenges in education and health. We can travel through the community and see the struggles of a regional public school system that’s growing at twice the rate of the state’s student population. We live among zip codes with some of the highest childhood obesity rates in the U.S. We’re witness to the consequences of children living in poverty.

We believe the community can create new ways to solve big problems. Our Central Texas work is focused on supporting partners with a history of implementing effective programs that improve the lives of those in our community. Our investments have enabled them to build their capacity, evolve into change-agents and achieve amazing success.

We collaborate with curious problem-solvers who understand the drivers of change in the community or at the system-level. Our proximity to our Central Texas grantees gives us opportunity to see them every day. Be part of the work. Build cohesiveness. And establish individual relationships that affect community change and share the responsibility of solving problems together.

We know that some problems are better solved collectively. We partner with organizations to increase access to quality health and education services so low-income students in our region have a chance at a better life. Our efforts and investments support programs that focus on:

  • Education for improving students’ academic success in school and in life, including the systems to drive outcomes for those students.
  • Family Stability for abused and neglected children, improved judicial and placement systems.
  • Primary care and prevention for uninsured or under insured families.
  • Medical Community investments to change the medical landscape in our community.
  • Population health projects that strategically integrate programs and partnerships in a specific geographic area to help communities realize their vision for improved health.
  • Capacity Building support for grantees to grow stronger.
  • Community Programs focus on community infrastructure investments.