Case Study

Training data-literate teachers

Today the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation published a series of case studies that highlight pioneer teacher preparation programs that are defining what it means for a teacher to be data-literate. In 2015, the foundation and WestEd went into the field to see what we could learn from a handful of teacher preparation programs that have adopted an explicit focus on data literacy skills and practices.

Our mission was to understand what is new or different and how these programs are defining teacher data literacy. Over six months, we interviewed dozens of administrators, faculty, and students at four schools: Western Oregon University’s College of Education, Relay Graduate School of Education, Boston Teacher Residency, and Urban Teachers.

Below are links to the case studies:
Introduction: Training Data-Literate Teachers Case Studies
Case Study: Western Oregon University
Case Study: Boston Teacher Residency
Case Study: Relay Graduate School of Education
Case Study: Urban Teachers

For the complete series of case studies, download here.