There is more than one way to grow great schools

Far too often, we run into situations where stakeholders believe a portfolio strategy is nothing more than a charter school growth strategy. We encourage city leaders to think beyond the obvious. While we ultimately aim for a system of autonomous and accountable schools, we know there may be more than one path to get there.

The rising momentum of restart

Ten years ago, turning around struggling schools by using school operators was an inkling of an idea. Despite the existence of thousands of schools struggling to provide students with a basic education and hundreds of school management organizations, there were just a few school operators willing to try to restart these schools.

Schools educate kids; movements don’t

The persistent existence of poor performing charter schools (and lax authorizers) does a disservice to families and children, and puts the entire charter movement – including the substantial number of high-quality schools and charter management operators (CMOs) operating in long underserved communities – at risk.

Equity in Funding: One component in the future of schools

A recent report finds that, on average, charter schools receive $3,418 less per pupil than traditional district schools. Although the report has some weaknesses, a real and troubling disparity in per pupil funding in many cities does families and students a disservice.