Summer Search: A unique approach to college completion

For low-income, first-generation students to make it to and through college, we know many pieces must fall into place. Support during the application process, access to financial aid information, and on-campus support are all essential for a student’s success. But what if maximizing support for students in college meant instilling skills for success in high school?

LifeWorks: Empowering Central Texas youth for success

This blog is part of a series that highlights the work of our partners.You can find the whole series here. At the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, we know this to be true: With the proper support, children and youth have a much better chance of achieving their goals and becoming successful adults. While the path … Continued

Foundation Communities: Supporting families for a better Central Texas

As the cost of living continues to climb in Central Texas, many have been asking this question: How do we begin to close the opportunity gap? Since 1990, Foundation Communities has been providing families, veterans, seniors and disabled individuals with affordable housing and free on-site support services.

Mission Capital: A new approach to community challenges

For the last 13 years, Mission Capital (formerly Mission Capital for Nonprofit Success) has been equipping Central Texas nonprofits with the knowledge and tools they need to be more effective. Through trusted relationships and in-depth consulting across many types of local nonprofits, Mission Capital works to improve the social sector by guiding existing nonprofits to achieve their greatest potential.

LEAD Public Schools: Chartering restart work in Music City

The mission of LEAD Public Schools is to support, educate and train the next generation of responsible citizens. Helping them realize their potential takes good, hard work on the part of the school, the teachers and the students. And it must be done with fidelity.

Marathon Kids: Scaling nationally so more kids can go the distance

Improving the health of our youngest generation: This is the issue Marathon Kids, an Austin-grown nonprofit, has been tackling for the last 20 years. By promoting daily exercise, along with a healthy and nutritious diet, the organization works to boost confidence and health by putting younger generations on the path to a lifetime of fitness.