Becoming an agent of change: Meet Sinombongo

We say it often: getting to university graduation and into a meaningful career is not easy. And in South Africa, if you are a student from a low-income background it can be just plain difficult. The sheer amount of change and responsibility placed in a university student’s life is hard to manage, particularly if they don’t have support where and when they need it most.

In this video you’ll hear from Sinombongo, a Dell Young Leader who will walk across the graduation stage this month. Sinombongo always had big dreams for her community, and becoming a medical doctor was one way she could make a difference in the lives of others. As a Dell Young Leader pursuing her degree in medicine, she was able to rely on the on-campus programmes team to help guide and encourage her through times of uncertainty.

In this video, learn more about her Dell Young Leaders experience, and how she plans to use her degree to change lives in her community.