Data interoperability: How Uncommon Schools is breaking down barriers

We’ve recently partnered with 12 pioneering districts, Charter Management Organizations (CMO), and education collaboratives to address their data interoperability barriers. In this blog series, you’ll hear from those pioneers: the brave folks tackling difficult challenges and paving the way for others to take a big step forward in using data to support teachers and to improve outcomes for kids. You can find the whole series here.

In this blog, you will hear from Laura Ginsberg and Darren Skott of Uncommon Schools on how CMOs plan to enhance the education of their students through the introduction of the Ed-Fi Data Standard. As a data-driven organization, Uncommon uses its data to help teachers change instruction and adjust to student needs by offering the best education for its students, who span across three states.

Uncommon Schools is on the path towards data interoperability so they can provide educators and administrators with real-time enrollment, attendance, discipline, and assessment data. This information will support student achievement growth and success in transitioning each student from elementary to secondary grade levels. Uncommon is committed to reviewing student data often to determine new ways to continue to put their students first, and the introduction of a data standard is essential to strengthening and simplifying this process. The Ed-Fi Data Standard will provide immense value for Uncommon, as it will allow them to align on data definitions and concepts across its schools, and get the most value out of the tools they are already using in the classroom.

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