Dell Scholars: Innovation is in our DNA

We are committed to our Dell Scholars from the day they are accepted into our program, until the day they leave college with a degree in hand. Delivering on this commitment means constantly being open to incorporating ideas and evolving our work to help address the challenges that our students face each semester.

Over the years, we’ve changed the way we work to support our Scholars. For example, we now include disbursement of scholarship funds through 529 plans to avoid financial aid displacement. We’ve built in texting functionality to connect with the first generation of digital natives heading to college. And our administrative technology allows us to optimize tools and continue delivering individualized support, even as we scale the program. That same technology has since been adapted as the student management platform GradSnapp so that other programs can use our tools to support even more students.

Of course, finding innovative ways to support our Scholars doesn’t always mean we create new products and platforms from scratch. Back in 2014, we recognized a gap in the services offered to our scholars, leading to the creation of a Scholar Resource Network (SRN). We purposely designed SRN similar to an employee assistance program, so that we could provide additional support for students struggling with personal and school-life issues: from confidential counseling to financial and legal guidance and more.

Over the past five years, we have incorporated our lessons learned to make sure this resource is delivering the greatest possible impact for our students. Check out our latest blog post at to learn more about how the SRN has evolved.

For our colleagues who are also supporting students to college graduation, what innovations are helping your students reach graduation? Let us know at @DellScholars!