Data interoperability: Providing full focus on student learning

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation we believe that when students are supported by an empowering teacher and they take ownership of their learning, they can and will succeed. However, without useful, timely, and actionable information, students and educators don’t have a full picture of how to achieve that success.

We would like to change that.

That’s why we are partnering with school districts and charter management organizations to participate in a structured process to design, develop, and pilot a technical solution that delivers actionable insights to teachers, students, and parents. Through this project, we want to help schools move away from overwhelming dashboards and instead deliver timely insights to educators, students and parents via the tools they already use. Teachers, students, and parents are busy and shouldn’t have to go searching for the information they need to understand student learning. It should find them in the places they go and in ways that don’t require data analytics skills to understand what actions can help students learn more.

Is your school interested in emailing a student when the courses they’re scheduled for don’t meet the requirements of their selected graduation plan? Or, would you want the capabilities to send a text reminder to parents when a student indicates they’re interested in going to college but still need to take the SAT? How about alerting a teacher with a message automatically posted in the LMS or SIS that several of her students struggled to master a specific skill on the unit test they just took?

If you are interested in implementing innovations like this to drive student learning, we want to hear from you. Learn more about how we can collaborate to make your technology work better for you here.