Data interoperability: How Achievement First is breaking down barriers

We’ve recently partnered with 12 pioneering districts, CMOs, and education collaboratives to address their data interoperability barriers. In this blog series, you’ll hear from those pioneers: the brave folks tackling difficult challenges and paving the way for others to take a big step forward in using data to improve outcomes for kids. You can find the whole series here.

In this blog, you will hear from Breanna Porter at Achievement First on how their school is using data today, their definition of data interoperability, and where they are in their data standard implementation journey.

As a data interoperability pioneer, Achievement First is adapting their student dashboards using the Ed-Fi technology suite so they refresh in real-time, eliminating the delay they experience getting the most up-to-date data. They plan to utilize a single set of learning standards, and tag curriculum and assessment results, that will allow educators to more easily find the right resources when student assessments indicate they are struggling to master a specific topic.

Listen to the Full Audio Interview with Breanna Porter

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