Dell Young Leaders: Recognising the journey to success, together

In 2019, we will reach a Dell Young Leaders’ milestone by beginning our 10th year of supporting students on their way to becoming future leaders in key professions in South Africa. Since 2010, the programme has selected students who intersect potential and unmet need. We’ve collaborated with these students to give them the opportunity to not only finish university but find meaningful employment in their field of study. We are humbled by the 99.6 percent job placement rate of the programme, as this number showcases the true dedication of these students.

But what’s the secret to these students’ success? Any of them will tell you, success has not come to them easily. Each has had their own individual challenges they’ve overcome, together. The students have found strength in the relationships they’ve built before, during and after university – with not only the Dell Young Leaders programme staff, but with their fellow scholars and programme alumni. Together, this community – filled with hardworking, inspiring and committed young adults – work to not only improve their own lives, but the lives of one another. Over time, the Dell Young Leaders community has been nurtured by the commitment the students made to university, the programme, and (most importantly) their own success.

Closing Out 2018

Congratulations to the new graduates from both the University of Cape Town and University of Pretoria. They will soon cross the graduation stage and become one of more than 300 Dell Young Leaders programme alumni. We are honored to have them in our community and grateful for the support and first-hand experiences they’ll share with the new scholars in the programme.

As we close out the year, we wanted to share a few truly inspirational stories from some of our recent graduates. The road wasn’t easy, but they pushed forward and persevered. Meet a few of these graduates below:

Tarin, BCom Economics Graduate, University of Pretoria

Tarin started her journey as a veterinary science student. She realized her true passion and strength aligned in the Economics and Management Sciences, and the Dell Young Leaders team supported her through this transition. She studied both Statistics and Economics and is now joining a global investment bank in their equity trading graduate programme, which will give her international experience. Tarin states that she couldn’t have achieved this level of opportunity without the support of the Dell Young Leaders team. Her journey proves that staying the course with students allows them to reach their true potential.

Wonderboy, MBChB Medicine Graduate, University of Cape Town

Wonderboy has achieved consistently outstanding academic results, with the highest overall GPA and final year GPA from the Dell Young Leaders graduating Medical students in 2018. His overall GPA is 73% across his six years of study at the University of Cape Town. Wonderboy will commence his medical in-service internship with the Gauteng Department of Health in January 2019 and hopes to further specialize his career in the future to an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. He plans to help train more doctors to address both the shortage of doctors and black professors in South Africa. To him, being a Dell Young Leader has meant that he’s had a family to help build his interpersonal and social skills, to better prepare him to work in teams, and best serve patients.

Sejal, BSc Chemical Engineering Graduate, University of Cape Town

Sejal is a graduate engineer set to start a consulting career in 2019. In the Dell Young Leaders programme, she made the most of opportunities offered to her. She took advantage of events run by the programme such as the Business Case Challenge that prepared her with design thinking skills and applied her engineering skills to commercial problems. She also invested her time in presentation skills development and global citizenship programmes, which gave her many skills to adapt to the world of work. Sejal’s focus on professional development is paired with an impressive academic record with an overall GPA of 71% across her four years of study. She is the second graduate in her family, with her brother Shahil – also a Dell Young Leader – completing his Mechatronic Engineering degree in 2017 and now working as a Junior Data Engineer.

Zaba, LLB Law Graduate, University of Pretoria

The legal sector is typically challenging for entrants from low income backgrounds. Zaba states that he is forever grateful, as his degree wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Dell Young Leaders programme. The LLB Law programme is a challenging one, and Zaba has maintained a 100% course pass rate while at the University of Pretoria, achieving distinctions along his journey. He has been a tutor on the Dell Young Leaders programme and supported our incoming class of first year students as an interview assistant. Zaba will be undertaking his LLM in Banking Law at the University of Pretoria in 2019 and looking for a 2020 opportunity utilising his commercial and legal skillsets.