Welcoming Our Newest Dell Young Leaders

Since its creation by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation in 2010, the Dell Young Leaders program has selected students in South Africa who intersect potential and unmet need. To date, we’ve awarded 805 scholarships to students who are on their way to becoming future leaders in South Africa, and we continue to be inspired by each and every student in the program.  

What’s New in 2018

Throughout time, the program has evolved to incorporate more of the support, tools and resources our students are telling us they need to be successful. The Dell Young Leaders program staff works tirelessly to develop one-on-one relationships with our students to become their advocates and foresee any issue that may derail their success, as well as any benefit that may enhance it.    

When the Dell Young Leaders team talks to the students about resources, a similar theme comes up time and time again – the students would benefit from the chance to hear from someone who has been in their exact position. From questions such as, “where should I study?” to “I’m working on a group project that’s not working out,” we’ve found that students find value in peer to peer perspective.  

This led us to a new element of the Dell Young Leaders program – the launch of alumni mentors. As the newest class of Dell Young Leaders was added to the program this year, each was paired with an alumni mentor – someone fully familiar with the challenges of university, and first-hand advice on how best to use the resources of the Dell Young Leaders program. In addition to the seasoned Dell Young Leaders program staff, the students will have an ongoing support system to help navigate university life. When combined, these personal resources provide the best guidance for our students toward graduation and employment.  

This Year’s New Class 

Congratulations to our newest class of Dell Young Leaders at the University of Cape Town and University of Pretoria. And thank you to our program alumni who have stepped in to serve in the important mentor role. Together we will continue to help our students graduate and enter the workforce.