Dell Scholars: Scaling Support for College Success

The challenge can seem insurmountable: only 20 percent of low-income college students nationally graduate within six years. We know that individualized coaching and targeted interventions can make a difference for these students, helping them persist on the path towards graduation day. But with over 7 million low-income college students nationally, how can we possibly scale this kind of intensive support?

There’s reason for optimism. Dell Scholars offers just one example among college completion organizations that are employing technology to work more efficiently and create meaningful impact at scale. And it’s working: our full-time staff of four has supported thousands of Dell Scholars towards graduation. Outside our program, only one in five U.S. low-income students graduates within six years. Among Dell Scholars, only one in five doesn’t graduate – 80 percent will receive a bachelor’s degree.

So how does it work? Check out our latest blog post at for a peek at our tech toolkit, and for our colleagues in college completion, let us know what technology is helping your students reach graduation @DellScholars using the hashtag #collegesuccess.