Creating employment and livelihood opportunities in India

In India, 80 percent of all people in the workforce are in the informal sector, meaning they do not have job security or steady work. LabourNet is an organization in India that provides key training and education to help people in the informal sector get the skills they need to increase their employability or start their own businesses. We invest in LabourNet because we believe that opening pathways to opportunity can help improve the lives of families living in urban poverty.

Watch the video above to meet Kader. Kader had to drop out of university when his father was hospitalized so that he could support his family. He took on a menial job at a garage but wanted more for his life. He took training courses with LabourNet to learn all about cars and automobile repairs. The training did so much more for him than he could have ever imagined.

Meet Kader and find out how LabourNet helped him transform his life.