From university to career in South Africa: Meet Bright Khumalo

This is the first in a three-part series highlighting our Dell Young Leaders who have continued their journey from university to career. In the series, we will share videos of three young leaders who are working full-time and thriving after university. In the videos, they share their personal stories, insights, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. We hope they inspire you the same way they inspire us every day.  

A big part of our Dell Young Leaders program in South Africa is our work to bridge the gap between university and career. While we support our students to graduation by providing important wraparound supports like mentorship and academic guidance, we are strongly committed to also help our students prepare for and find employment. We help students hone interview skills, create resumés, and connect them with employers who are looking for hard-working, talented, and resilient employees.   

In this video, you’ll hear from Bright Khumalo, a Dell Young Leader from Inchanga in KwaZulu Natal, who now works in asset management after graduating from the University of Cape Town. To Bright, being a young leader means giving back to his family and community. Bright is financially helping his sister through school and provides opportunities for other Dell Young Leaders to gain work experience in asset management through mentoring and summer work programs. He continues to give back to the program that helped him achieve his dreams, and is an inspiration to other students – and to all of us – as he grows in his career.  

Meet Bright, a young leader in South Africa: