Risk-taking and creating lasting social impact with iMerit

One of our guiding principles here at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, “Take the Risks Your Challenge Deserves,” comes from an understanding that the greatest challenges require us to do things differently, to push the boundaries and be willing to take risks in order to realize greater impact.

iMerit is an organization that recruits and develops young adults – especially women – to deliver technology services to leading internet companies globally. It was built by Radha on the premise that all people, regardless of their background, have the ability to become skilled professionals. The company invests in its employees – most of whom come from low-income households and have a high school education or less – by employing and training them with skills in technology.  This, ultimately, provides them with the opportunity to change their own lives and serve as an inspiration to others in their communities, and beyond.

In this podcast episode, you’ll hear about the work of our partners at iMerit. Founder and CEO Radha Basu is someone who has consistently and persistently pushed the boundaries of traditional risk to realize her vision of empowering young marginalized Indians to work in digital jobs. We sat down with Radha and Zarin Fatma, a senior technical associate at iMerit, and spoke about the incredible impact iMerit has had on their lives and communities.


Radha Basu, Founder & CEO, iMerit

Zarin Fatma, Senior Technical Associate, iMerit


Santhosh Ramdoss, Program Manager, Family Economic Stability, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation