College completion: Building a network of opportunity

College completion is a critical issue facing low-income and first-generation students. At the foundation, we believe that college graduation should mean that students are prepared with the skills they need for success post-graduation.

But, the issues that prevent low-income students from graduating from college are the same ones that can often hold back even successful graduates from preparing for life after graduation. These issues can range from adjusting to being away from home for the first time, to understanding how to organize their workload, to learning how to network and build relationships with their peers, professors, and others.

Opportunity Network works to empower students to graduation and career success. Their work includes a combination of college transition and success programs, professional skills-building, and career exposure. Opportunity Network also works to help students build their networks and social capital. Their Fellows program works with students from 10th grade through college graduation – a six-year investment.

I recently spoke with Jessica Pliska, Founder and CEO, about Opportunity Network’s programs and the future of college completion work. Please watch and share!