A firsthand look at the new Dell Seton Medical Center

The Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas will open in May 2017. This teaching hospital will complement Dell Medical School’s mission to make Austin a hub of excellence and innovation for health, clinical care, and research. From day one, the medical center will work to redefine the future of healthcare in the Austin community.

The combination of the new teaching hospital and medical school on the campus of a major research university is expected to foster related economic growth and create 15,000 new jobs locally, not including construction jobs. About 60 percent of those jobs will require two years of college or a training certificate.

The new teaching hospital will be the region’s Level 1 trauma center for adults, a role its predecessor, University Medical Center Brackenridge, has played in the region. Other highlights include:

  • A brand new 517,000 square-foot facility, designed to facilitate education and collaboration among doctors, nurses, researchers, staff, students, patients, and families. This team based-approach is central to a more multi-disciplinary model of care
  • 211 new beds, including 135 acute care and 60 critical care beds – the hospital is built to allow for the addition of up to 135 more beds in the coming years, though all medical community partners are working toward fewer hospital admissions as prevention and health maintenance is optimized within the community

While a more connected ecosystem of health that values prevention and health maintenance will rely heavily on outpatient and non-traditional community health partners, Dell Seton Medical Center remains an important anchor in a community-wide plan that includes training health providers to deliver excellent inpatient care, and provide access to exceptional, comprehensive care close to home.

From day one, the medical center will work to redefine the future of healthcare in the Austin community.

In the words of Susan Dell, co-founder and board chair of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation: “Since 2003, the foundation’s Central Texas health investments have centered on creating and supporting the elements necessary to provide ‘best in class’ care for local families. We want to promote health, not just treat diseases. Our goal always has been to invest in the future of care for the entire community.

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