Exceptional education partners have made significant progress in India

Nothing captures the diversity and depth of our work in India better than the stories of our partners. Since 2006, we have worked with close to 100 organizations, primarily in urban India, to transform the lives of children and families living in urban poverty.  Within our education portfolio, these organizations continue to achieve important progress toward quality education in India.  From small not-for-profits to large state education ministries, their efforts are collectively improving access to quality education for millions of children living in urban poverty.

Funding breakthrough education approaches

Bodh Shiksha Samiti, a small not-for-profit in the state of Rajasthan,  has been working on government school system reform for more than three decades. Their breakthrough pedagogical solution, the foundation of school assessment reform,  has been implemented in government schools. Today, as the state’s primary technical advisor, their solution is being scaled across ~60,000 schools across Rajasthan.

Avanti Learning Centres provides high quality coaching aimed at raising the admission rate amongst underserved students into top engineering colleges. Forty percent of Avanti’s students cleared Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main) for admission to undergraduate engineering programs at NITs, IITs etc., in 2015, and the company plans to expand to more than 400 such coaching centres over the next five years.

The state of Haryana has also taken a very bold step toward comprehensively addressing problems in education from the systemic to the classroom level to ultimately improve student-level learning outcomes of some 15,000 schools across the state. With support from a coalition of stakeholders and in partnership with Boston Consulting Group, we are facilitating best-in-class program management and problem solving to resolve the very deep-rooted problems in India’s education system. Haryana is one of only three states in the country which is improving (~three to seven percent) across the three grades assessed by NAS (NCERT conducted National Achievement Survey).

Philanthropies and sector-focused investors can nudge the market.

A common thread among partners

Diverse as these organizations and their efforts sound, there are many unifying themes that connect them.

  • All three organizations have a single-minded focus on improving the educational outcomes of underprivileged children.
  • Their approaches are truly innovative but have achieved sustainability through market-based solutions or by institutionalizing change within a government school system.
  • There is a bigger vision, namely scale, in order to solve the mammoth and systemic problem of poor educational outcomes in India.

We know that achieving even one of these objectives is no small feat. What is the secret for success? Well, it’s the combination of a few things but mainly it’s our truly exceptional partners, on the ground, working hard every day.

Finding cutting edge solutions to tough problems

Our partners bring leading-edge solutions to the table to solve tough problems in India. But we know there are other innovative solutions for improving low educational outcomes, college entrance rates and career readiness of India’s underprivileged children and youth just waiting to be found. We are looking for them and that is where you come in. Connect with us and share your solution or refer us to social entrepreneurs with big, proven ideas.

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