A new wave of health care innovation in Austin

MSDF_TX_Health_infographic_2015When it opens in 2016, Dell Medical School will shift the health landscape of Central Texas. In fact, it already has.  Those fearless enough to grab hold of an opportunity to reimagine, rethink, and build a vision of transformative medical education and health care delivery are already flocking to a burgeoning medical district. They are working to build a new model of health from the ground up.  One that provides state of the art care to the sick, but also prioritizes illness prevention and wellness promotion, aided by seamless communication, a more broad based care team, and the strategic use of data and previously untapped resources.


Austin is becoming the beneficiary of health innovations that will come from a variety of partners – some steeped in experience and bringing the best they’ve seen to Central Texas, and some with new and refreshing perspectives – all with ideas to be tested and scaled. Countless economic development opportunities will emerge in parallel with stronger models of population health.  We are excited by the promise of a community where more people, are more healthy, more of the time.


Today, Michael Dell announced that the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation has committed an additional $25 million to Seton to establish the Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas. This teaching hospital will complement the Dell Medical School’s mission to make Austin the center of excellence and innovation for family health and research.  We want the best people and ideas to come here to help build programs that could become models for the rest of the country.


We’ve learned that progress takes time. But we are already seeing breakthrough changes in Austin. Innovative and fearless people are thinking about new ways to tackle old problems. They are developing new systems of care and re-envisioning community wellness and doing it a way that is unique to our country.  Austin is where new ideas are born.  Where great ideas are incubated.  And where innovation changes lives…and the world.