Caring for the medically underserved and uninsured – Central Texas Stories

Partially blind, diabetic and the mother of 4 children — the youngest of whom has a serious neurological condition — Feliciana Gonzalez views the People’s Community Clinic (PCC) has her family’s medical home.

Founded in 1970, PCC offers services on a sliding scale to accommodate the 40% of economically disadvantaged Central Texas families who, like Feliciana and her kids, lack health care coverage. As the second largest private, nonprofit provider of health care services for low-income children and their families in Central Texas, the clinic sees some 10,000 adolescent and children per year.

Feliciana’s youngest son, Adrian, now 8-years-old, has been a PCC patient since he was born. Adrian sees a number of specialists for his condition, so PCC keeps his appointments on track, assists with Medicaid paperwork, helps with prescriptions, and takes care of his basic primary needs. We recently visited People’s Community Clinic to catch up with Dr. Louis Appel, who is Adrian’s doctor as well as the clinic’s chief medical officer and director of pediatrics. Watch the video to learn more.