Introducing GradSnapp

Our ability to support our students is dependent on knowing them. Each one. GradSnapp has helped us provide them the right support at the right time. Learn how GradSnapp can help you support your students to college graduation.  Link

Revitalizing Education

Parents are the most vehement advocates for their child’s education, so who else better to spark change in India’s education sector? We believe that by acknowledging parents as key stakeholders, private enterprises in India will establish lasting impact and improve student outcomes.  Link

Growing great schools

Portfolio strategy and charter school growth strategy are not one and the same. And while we aim for a system of autonomous and accountable schools, we know there may be more than one path to get there.  Link

Making Data Work

Understanding and acting upon student data is at the core of effective teaching. Read how Formative Assessment helps teachers make important decisions on behalf of the students in their classrooms.   Link

lessons earned

Trying to drive social change is a big, messy business. Fifteen years in, and with more than a billion dollars invested in the effort to transform the lives of children living in urban poverty, we’re humbled and inspired every day by insights and ‘aha’ moments generated by the organizations and people we support. Learn more throughout our website.

We are committed to improving student performance and increasing access to quality education so that children and adolescents around the globe have improved opportunities for success.

One of our founders’ original goals for the foundation was to ensure that disadvantaged students have the same opportunity to get to and graduate from college or university.

Financial stability can help families break the cycle of poverty and ensure better health and education for their children.

Our goal is to improve the health and wellness of all children while building demand for healthy options.

Grants & impact investing

Working with innovative organizations around the globe, we seek to identify, test, refine and grow non-obvious solutions to big, obvious problems. Since 1999, we have committed $1.23 billion to non-profits and social enterprises in the United States, India and South Africa.

We believe that through this work, we can transform the lives of children living in urban poverty today and improve the future for every generation.

This chart is updated quarterly and is based on funds committed from 1999 to date.