Education-related grants comprise two-thirds of our giving. We are committed to improving student performance and increasing access to urban education so that children and adolescents around the globe have improved opportunities for life-long success.

Urban Education in the US

The United States educational system is plagued by a persistent achievement gap among students from different economic circumstances, and racial and ethnic backgrounds. To close this gap, improve student performance and increase graduation rates among affected students, fund programs that focus on:

Urban Education in India

In recent years, India’s government has substantially improved access to schools, but quality often remains low. The best available estimates report that among grade 5 students, 53 percent cannot read at a grade 2 level, while 46 percent cannot solve a two-digit subtraction problem. To address systemic shortcomings and improve children’s educational outcomes, we provide support for:

  • In-school and after-school academic programs that measurably increase student learning levels
  • Integrated school excellence programs that focus on improving leadership and teacher capabilities and processes, and on improving operations
  • High-quality, standardized data and assessment evaluations that enable insights into-and improvement of-student outcomes, instructional quality and school performance

The foundation’s goal using this multifaceted strategy is to ensure that 80 percent of students involved with the programs we support achieve grade-specific competency by 2018.

Urban Education in South Africa

In South Africa, barely one in ten students qualifies for university and only five percent graduate. Our goal is to ensure that young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are admitted to university, that they graduate and that they obtain long-term employment. Our initial investments are in the Dell Young Leaders scholarship program, which provides holistic support to vulnerable South African university students to help them through graduation and beyond.