Working with innovative organizations around the globe, we seek to identify, test, refine and grow non-obvious solutions to big, obvious problems.

We believe that through this work, we can transform the lives of children living in urban poverty today and improve the future for every generation. To help us achieve our goals, we seek global partners who work to:

  • Ensure children have access to quality educations
  • Encourage healthy behaviors, and provide access to basic health care and services
  • Foster stable families through microfinance

Before submitting a grant application, please review our programs page, visit our frequently asked questions for more information, and review the guidelines on our apply for a grant page. You can also review our master grant list.

All grant requests should be submitted via our online form. Please note that the foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals by mail, and that, in general, the foundation does not support programs or organizations that fall outside of our key focus areas. The bulk of our support goes to education and health programs. In India, we also support family economic stability through microfinance and related activities.

Total Grants and Investments Committed

The foundation’s giving reflects our commitment to transforming the lives of children living in urban poverty through better health and education. This grant chart is updated quarterly and is based on funds committed from 1999 to date.